Hosting review : Kloudhost

Hosting Review : Kloudhost

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Blogging is a fantastic way to earn money online and really gets your creative juices flowing as you create your own space on the Internet where you can let out your thoughts of share your passions with others.

When some people start blogging they can end up using a free service such as Blogger or Blogspot to save money but that means that all your hard work ends up being kept on a platform you can't control nor do you own it and indeed it could be taken away from you at any moment.

The sensible option is to go self hosted which brings many benefits such as having full control over your blog and not to mention the fact that you will get more paid opportunities as PRs like to work with blogs they are self hosted and not on 3rd party sites like blogspot.

As I mentioned the barrier for some people of going self hosted with their blog has been price but that no longer needs to be the case thanks to UK based Kloudhost.

Kloudhost Shared Plans

A while ago I moved all my websites over to Kloudhost who are a UK based hosting company and anyone who has gone with any of the larger hosts such a GoDaddy or Vidahost and know the pains of dealing with offshore support when you need help the most will understand just how important good UK based support can be!

Price wise, running your own self hosted blog only costs £3.95 a month for what I would personally regard as a very decent hosting package that includes letting you run 2 different blogs alongside each other (with different domains!), daily backups and most importantly 3 GB of Hard drive space on SSD Drives which are the fastest drives you can use so your site will be super speedy! (Let's not forget that the speed of our site can dramatically affect your Google ranking!)

Kloudhost plan features

Best of all though is the fact TotallyBlogging have struck a deal with Kloudhost to offer you a great discount on your order. Once you click through if you use the code "TB1" when signing up you will get 50% OFF the annual cost, taking the price down to £17.50+VAT!

Other packages are available with the most expensive being £9.99 a month and letting you have unlimited bandwidth and run up to 10 websites with them!

Kloudhost free website migration

I tend to think when people are looking at hosting companies they tend to fit into 1 of 3 categories.

  1. Those that have yet to start a blog and are at the stage of thinking about creating one.
  2. Those that have a blog but are hosting it on a free platform and are looking to move it to be self hosted.
  3. Those that are already self hosted but are looking to move to another provider due to lack of decent support of slow website speeds.

For those in the number 1 category Kloudhost is fantastic solution for them as they offer a '1 click solution' for installing Wordpress so you don't need to have any technical knowledge at all to get your blog up and running!

For those in category 2 and 3 the biggest thing they will worry about when thinking about moving is how easy it will all be. Well, let me tell you that with Kloudhost you have NOTHING to worry about as they will do the ENTIRE migration for you.

With my 3 sites (1 forum, 2 blogs) we agreed a time for it to take place and they did 100% of the work. It was all done in about an hour because of prep work they do beforehand and everything (including my SSL certificate and email accounts!) were transferred over without me having to do anything with Kloudhost sending me constant emails updating me at every step of the migration.

It also doesn't matter if you are looking to move from a service such as BlogSpot or Blogger over TO Kloudhost as they will help you transfer all your blog posts and content over so there is literally nothing to worry about!

I feel I should also mention the support that you get from their UK Based office. Whenever I have any queries or questions they have always been dealt with in a matter of minutes using their very snazzy support ticketing system which lets you continue to work with the same member of their support team throughout the query so you never have to explain the same problem to 10 different people each time you make contact so the whole experience with Kloudhost is extremely personal!

So no matter what stage you are at as a blogger if you are looking for amazing hosting that will REALLY speed up your site or someone that hosts their blog on a free site and is looking to take more control give Kloudhost a go and you will NOT regret it.